Module One: Clean Coaching Foundation – “Gaining Insight through Movement”

Available as a self- study training course, to start whenever you like. Including access to all recorded content-rich classes and group reflection calls. Or, register your interest now for live calls and classes coming soon in May / June 2024. 

Also includes access to all course resources, including demonstration recordings, transcripts, course notes, visual aids, and exercises.   

  • Total 16 hours CPD

    What you will gain: 

    • The confidence and know-how to facilitate clients to make transformational changes using the principles of ‘Clean’ and ‘Emergent Knowledge’ within your coaching.

    What this course will cover:

    This is Module One of a four part programme, suitable for those with no previous ‘Clean’ training. During this module you will learn all you need to work cleanly with a coachee throughout a complete coaching session. We will cover:

    • How to explain Clean Coaching to a client so as to arouse curiosity and set appropriate and realistic expectations.
    • How to ask Clean questions so they land deep – covering pace, pauses, tone and emphasis.
    • How to start a Clean Coaching session, quickly clarifying both the coachee’s outcome and current situation using visual, verbal and spatial representation.
    • Enabling the coachee to construct a powerful 3 dimensional ‘map’ of their situation that they can physically move in and around, gaining new perspectives and trying new positions that stimulate mental reframing and encourage creative insights to emerge.
    • Grove’s theory of people change: ‘The Six Steps to Freedom’ concept – incorporating networking theory, systems thinking and the power of iteration.
    • A step by step process to facilitate change: ‘Clean Networks’ – easy to implement and practical in almost all kinds of coaching situations, the process can be adapted for groups as well as individuals and offers a flexible, creative way to work with all kinds of people on any kind of outcome.
    • Clean action planning – how to end a Clean Coaching session with extremely clear and defined action steps, that the coachee creates for themselves, takes complete ownership of and is highly motivated to follow through on.
    • What to do in a client ‘emergency’
    • The qualities required for working “Cleanly” as a coach – and how to foster them in yourself

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    Full price for the self-study option is £198.00. This includes:

    • Access to all class recordings, in both video and/or audio format
    • Audio and video recordings of demonstration and example practice exercises
    • Full transcripts of all demonstrations and exercises
    • Course notes, copies of visuals and transcripts of demo sessions
    • A mass of extra resources: extra reading materials, useful links and further learning opportunities
    • Access to an online study / practice group where you can arrange to practice with others on the same learning journey
    • Access to a Clean-Coaching trained mentor to help you personally with any questions you may have  
    • ONE In-depth, personalised feedback report on a practice session of your choice
    • OPTIONAL: Further practice feedback reports available at an additional cost of £100 per report

    How to book

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    Full price for live class event series is £320.00.

    Please note that we require a minimum of six participants for this course to run. Please feel free to invite others who might wish to attend and even get your own group together. If we don’t have enough people for May / June, we will propose further dates later in the year.

    This course gives you all of the content listed above as per the self-study option, in addition:  

    Four live group reflection calls, each of one hour’s duration, hosted by our team of Clean Genies


    • All calls at 10.00am UK/BST times and potentially also at 5.00pm UK  time if we have enough participants to join)
    • Each call is of one hour’s duration
    • Entire course is 8 weeks duration with a fortnightly release of study materials and practice assignments
    • Total 22 hours CPD

     Module One cost:

    • £320.00 for sole traders / private individuals
    • £450.00 premium package (includes a one-to-one mentoring session with Angela Dunbar
    • £640.00 corporate rate (please speak with us about premium options)

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    A Summary of the further Modules

    Module Two: Clean Language Foundation
    (Eight week’s duration – self-study or live call option 16 hours/22 hours CPD)

    Suitable for experienced coaches interested in learning Clean Language to incorporate into their own coaching frameworks. The course emphasises the value of working with client’s self-generated metaphors as a creative approach.

    What you will gain: An understanding of how to enter a client’s inner world through metaphors & help them explore issues & reach solutions from a deeper source of knowledge.

    Module Three: Clean Coaching Advanced                                                                                         

    (Sixteen week’s duration with eight live classes. 32 hours CPD)

    This module builds on the ‘EK’ principles covered on Module One and provides a variety of tools and techniques to use with coaches depending on their circumstances and preferences. Includes working with paper and the coachee’s writing and drawings, working from different directions, exploring boundaries, working with different coachee ‘selves’, exploring past present and future, and much more. This course provides guidance on wider coaching issues like working cleanly across a series of sessions and managing time.

    What you will gain: Confidence to work with coachees cleanly using a variety of different mediums and techniques, including space, movement, direction, written words and drawings, plus a deeper understanding of Grove’s EK concepts.

    Module Four: Clean Language Advanced                                                                                           

    (Sixteen week’s duration with eight live classes, 32 hours CPD)

    This module goes beyond the basic Clean Language questions and covers advanced concepts to help you build a strategy for working with your coachee. Covering systems thinking, modelling skills and understanding parts, as well as learning specialist questions to identify scales, perceiver perspectives and giving a voice to personified symbols. Plus approaches for stuck clients who may have binds and / or blind spots. The course goes beyond a simple ‘GROW’ approach to coaching, to help coachees when they are not able to articulate a goal and/or carry out actions to make progress.

    What you will gain: Confidence and competence in using Clean Language in different ways and with challenging clients, plus a deeper understanding of how you can use Clean Language at your very best.

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