Clean Coach Accreditation

Our complete programme of Clean Coaching distance learning is ‘Institute Approved’ which is the stamp of recognition and endorsement offered by the Institute of Leadership (IOL).

The Institute has independently verified that
our programme meets their evidence-based standards, the Five Dimensions of Leadership:

Authenticity, Vision, Achievement, Ownership and Collaboration.

The Institute of Leadership (previously known as ‘The Institute of Leadership and Management’) is a well respected professional body, established since 1947 and provides you with independent verification that our programme delivers the most up to date approaches and content.

Our optional accreditation programme completes your training with a robust and independent assessment process which checks your development as a “Clean Coach for Leadership” against 10 separate criteria.

Our assessment team consist of worldwide experts in Clean Language and other Clean processes.

Our accreditation is recognised within the Clean Community as an indication of your skills attainment.

Successful candidates will receive a certificate to mark their professional development from the Institute of Leadership as well as confirmation of a grade of Professional Membership as an outcome – with post nominal letters ie Member = “MIoL” – to evidence your commitment to continuing professional development.

You can learn more about the Institute of Leadership here.

Accreditation costs just £260.00 which includes the Institute’s fees for certification, arranging an independent assessment of your skills, checking your submission and processing your paperwork.

We recommend you pay a deposit of £70.00 to register with the Institute as you book on your final module with us (usually Module Four).

We will then assist you throughout the module to compile the information required for submission with your application for accreditation once you have completed the programme.

The balance of £190.00 will then be due when you are ready to submit your application (within 6 months of completing the course).

Benefits of Accreditation

‘Institute Approved’ programmes are the benchmark of high quality, bespoke leadership and management development and are recognised by organisations & institutes worldwide.

An ‘Institute Approved’ certificate “Clean Coaching for Leadership” which marks your professional development with a credible stamp of approval from a prestigious, well known educational establishment.

All applicants get access to membership of the Institute of Leadership – valid for one year from initial registration, and renewable in the first year at a discounted rate. This offers access to a wealth of expert information, advice and support services to maximize your learning experience and encourage CPD.

Finally, your profile will be added to the Clean Coaching website’s listing of Accredited Clean Coaches to promote your status as an accredited Clean Coach.

For full details of the Clean Coaching for Leadership Accreditation click here. You may also email us direct or use the ‘contact us’ form if you have any specific questions.