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The Coaches Book Club

The Coaches Book Club was formed in 2019 and is now in its fifth year! It is free to attend and open to all coaches who would like to connect online with like-minded people to explore and discuss coach-related books.

The group’s purpose is:

  • To provide focus on reading and learning from coach-related reading material
  • A source of structured CPD
  • Connect and network with other coaches

We have discussed a wide range of popular and lesser known books about (or loosely related to) coaching, for example in recent years:

We meet on the third Wednesday of every month, alternating between lunchtime and early evening sessions.

    Dates for 2024

    Some of the questions we use to discuss the books:

    • Did you read the book? Why? Why not?

    • How did you read this book?

    • How did it make you feel?

    • What does it offer that I can apply in my work?

    • What questions does this book evoke in you?

    • What sentence or paragraph are you drawn to and why?

    • What’s new or different about this book?

    • What did you disagree with?

    • Who is the author?

    • What do they have to offer me?

    • Why should I read it?

    • Where has this author come from (which background / school of thinking) ?

    • What body of evidence is it based on? How wide? How specific?

    • Can I believe in the message of this book?

    • How does this fit with other approaches I use?

    • What do other people say about this book?

    What we did in the last quarter of  2023:

    Facebook page:

    We also have a Facebook page for our group which you are welcome to join and can access through this link

    We invite you all to pass on the word about the Online Coaches Book Club so we can grow this group and ensure a good turn-out for every meet up. Thank you!

    What people are saying:

    Isabela shared a quote by Karl Lagerfeld which she felt was very relevant to the group:

    “For every book you buy, you should buy the time to read it.” Karl Lagerfeld

    Yana said:

    “Book club was really good – its a great initiative so thank you for that. It is nice to be able to have someone like yourself as the driving force of this!”

    Maggie said:

    “Great first meeting of the new book club group for coaches. I enjoyed meeting other members and discussing our favourite reads and would recommend joining.”

    More information

    The plan is that this group will become self-organising and self-sustaining. So active participants will be expected to suggest / recommend books for the group and occasionally host the sessions.

    To be part of the group and receive regular invitations, reminders and email follow ups, please register here:

    If you have any questions, please put ‘Book Club’ in your email header and send your question via thank you