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Course Overview

Most coaches see their role as mainly non-directive, helping to uncover their coachee’s own wisdom rather than directing them towards a prescriptive answer. However, coaches may unwittingly and unconsciously constrain what their coachees talk and think about, getting in the way of unique, self-generated solutions. Clean Coaching provides a different, simple yet highly effective approach to one-to-one facilitation. It is a style, strategy and set of techniques that help coachees gain insight and make changes through discovering more about their own ‘insider’ perspective: of themselves and the world around them. Through the use of specifically-phrased, structured coaching questions, the coach’s own biased perspectives are stripped from their language, ensuring the coachee’s unique personal experience is honoured.

This programme was originally developed in 2005, by the late, great counselling psychologist David Grove, who created ‘Clean Language’ as a method for avoiding facilitator bias and working with client-generated metaphors. Clean Coaching, which incorporates ‘Emergent Knowledge’ was Grove’s project later in his life, working in conjunction with performance coach and author Carol Wilson. They worked extensively together to prepare a stand-alone training course that would give coaches some key skills and techniques using Clean principles and Emergent Knowledge.

The result was a powerful, easy to learn process for non-clinical coaches to use safely with their clients, getting to the heart of matter quickly and enabling transformational change without struggle.

The complete programme consists of four independant learning Modules, two at foundation level (six week’s duration) and two advanced (twelve weeks duration). Each can be completed separately at a time convenient for you, and will progressively develop your skills, understanding and commitment to a Clean approach to coaching.

Angela Dunbar became lead trainer for the programme in 2007 having worked with Clean for a number of years previously. You can read more endorsements and recommendations through Angela’s Linked In profile here

Method of Training – Online Learning

You can participate in the classes through your computer (if you have reliable broadband and a headset) and/or through a normal telephone landline (normal local call charges will apply). Computer access will enable you to immerse yourself in the classes more completely through the accompanying visual aids and webcam options available in this way.

When you register, you will receive full access details explaining how to connect by computer plus you will be given an ordinary landline telephone number and access code to use, if required.

Your learning for each module takes place over a six / twelve week period, underpinned with four / eight group online classes at fortnightly intervals. The first class of each module is 2 hours in duration and all subsequent classes are 1 hour 30 minutes. Each provides an interactive learning experience within a small group (maximum number of class participants is 8). All classes are recorded and if you are unable to attend you will receive the complete recording by email afterwards.

You will also be expected to achieve a number of recorded Clean Coaching practice sessions with a course partner (full instructions / options on how to do this will be given). After listening to the sessions, Angela will give each participant individual, written feedback on two sessions. The practice sessions are complemented by a set of short, individual homework assignments.

Class Delivery

The classes are delivered through a flexible online delivery service called “Go to Meeting”. Similar to Skype, this service offers a completely flexible way for you to join the classes depending on your location, circumstances and requirement.

Internet Access

With a computer that has reliable broadband connection and a working headset, you can participate the classes from anywhere in the world incurring no additional telephone fees. Computer access will enable you to immerse yourself in the classes more completely through the accompanying visual aids and webcam access.

If you are a beginner to this kind of technology we can provide step-by-step instructions to help you get connected, check your audio settings and explain how to use the various facilities this provides, all at no extra cost.

Telephone Access

We can also provide you with a standard landline telephone number which will connect you to the same class, for the audio element only. This offers a useful back-up or alternative depending on your circumstances. Normal call charges will apply and country specific numbers can be provided for many locations, eg UK, USA, Australia and most of Europe. If you choose this option, you can still connect by computer to see the visual element or the visual component can be sent to you before the class,

***Completion of all modules counts towards our ILM endorsed Clean Coaching Accreditation Scheme – click here for more information***

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Module One

Including ILM registration:

  • £268.00 for sole traders / private individuals OR
  • £464.00 corporate rate

Excluding ILM registration:

  • £198.00 for sole traders / private individuals OR
  • £394.00 corporate rate

Module Two

  • £198.00 for sole traders / private individuals OR
  • £394.00 corporate rate

Module Three

  • £495.00 for sole traders / private individuals OR
  • £990.00 corporate rate

Module Four

  • £495.00 for sole traders / private individuals OR
  • £990.00 corporate rate

SPECIAL OFFER: Take 10% discount if you book and pay within one month of the course start date.

SPECIAL OFFER: Book and pay for all four modules in advance and get a further 5% discount.

SPECIAL OFFER: Book a single ‘taster’ Clean Coaching session at the same time as booking your training for a reduced rate of £80.00 for a one hour session (usually £95.00).

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