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About Us

Owner – Angela Dunbar

Facilitator of live calls – Helle Browne

Founders of The Clean Coaching Centre – David Grove and Carol Wilson

Team of Clean Mentors and Clean Genies – click here for full details

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Angela Dunbar

Angela Dunbar

Angela Dunbar is a qualified coach and coaching supervisor, accredited with the Association for Coaching, and a lifetime fellow. As a former council member, she held the position of “Head of Professional Forums”. On behalf of the AC, Angela helped to develop coaches through the creation of co-coaching forums throughout the country, as well as managing and facilitating a local branch.

Angela is an active coach, working one-to-one with a long list of clients. She is also the director of her own training & development consultancy, successful in business for nearly quarter of a century. She specializes in confidence, communications and creativity, and working with people to help them find their niche within the corporate environment or as an independent. Ever fascinated by the power of metaphor, Angela works with people to help them discover their own creative solutions and find the message within, to convey in the manner they feel most confident in expressing.

Angela has been an advocate of coaching supervision since her earliest days as a coach, and has supported the development of coaching supervision accreditation within the AC. Click here for further details of AC accredited supervisors and see Angela’s supervision profile.

Angela is a Master NLP Practitioner and a Certified Clean Language facilitator, and has delivered Clean Language training workshops to coaches as a lecturer at Oxford Brookes University. She was also co-facilitator on an advanced coaching programme for the BBC’s internal coach team.

As a trainer, Angela has been key presenter on an extensive range of training programmes within major organisations, including Coventry Building Society, Colt Telecommunications PLC, HSA, Roland UK and many more.

Angela has twice been nominated for the Association for Coaching’s Honorary Award for “Impacting the Coaching Profession” and holds a degree (first class) in Psychology.

Angela is author of “Essential Life Coaching Skills” published in 2009 (available here) and “Clean Coaching: The Insider Guide to Making Change Happen” published in 2016, by Routledge and available here.

To find out more about Angela’s current activity, please visit her ‘Linked-In’ profile, where you can read many endorsements and recommendations on her coaching, training delivery and supervision:

Angela Dunbar
+44 (0) 1404 891125

Helle Browne

Helle Browne

Helle studied at the Clean Coaching Centre with Angela in 2016.  Through the last three years, she has been working with Angela and the Clean Coaching Centre helping evolve initiatives;  leading the Clean Genie program;  on-boarding of new students;  and facilitating training and reflection calls.  She currently runs the live learning and reflection elements of Angela’s trainings, Modules One and Two

A practicing coach and facilitator, Helle works as a Creative Partner to solopreneurs, innovators and entrepreneurial thinkers in many fields.    Described variously as alternative and unconventional, she looks both to challenge and inspire her clients to envision and transition to their next phase:  facilitating new perspectives; connections; and creative initiatives.  Inspired by the innate desire to see others step into their unique creativity, her talent is helping clients gain clarity on their essence. And she works creatively with them on how their business, project and contribution can express as value and impact to others and the world. 

Supporting others’ training in Clean Language and Clean Coaching, and using it in creative partnering, is a natural fit in her work:  exploring possibilities and potentials, free of assumption.     Helle believes that “Clean” impacts beyond our communication and thinking, to become a way of being:  that learning and applying Clean, amplifies skills of observation and unconditional curiosity.  And through mindful and universal practice of this “radical compassion”, people can access more calm, clarity, self-responsibility and the self-leadership to live a life, by conscious and intentional design 

She takes an holistic approach and integrates principles from amongst her trainings in Person-Centred Counselling, Adlerian Individual Psychology, Positive Parenting, Transformational Coaching, Non-Violent Communication, Feminine Power Coaching, Facilitation & Leadership, NLP, Yoga Teacher Training, Energy- and Breath-work, Mindfulness and Meditation


David Grove

David Grove

David Grove passed away on 8th January 2008 in America after suffering a heart attack. He will be remembered for a life dedicated to his pioneering work in language, metaphor and spatial techniques in Clean Language, Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge.

David Grove was from New Zealand and spent many years in the US working with patients suffering from traumatic memories. During this time he pioneered the ground breaking technique of Clean Language. He discovered that patients would often speak in metaphor when describing their experience and that the most effective treatment was to honour their metaphors by asking open questions which reflected the patient’s exact words. Over a period of years, David identified 13 questions that would least influence the patient in their metaphorical journey, and he gave this process the name, “Clean Language”. The technique was observed by therapists Penny Tompkins and James Lawley, who devoted several years to modelling and expanding David’s techniques into a methodology called ‘Symbolic Modelling‘.

David later developed his linguistic work into spatial methods, known as Clean Space, and Emergent Knowledge, inspired by the science of Emergence. Clean Language enables clients to access buried knowledge and intuition through metaphor. Clean Space does the same through literally moving people around the room.

Emergence is the science of how things are achieved through connections. It involves the theories of chaos and six degrees of separation and explains how ant colonies are formed or search engines operate, through repetitive connections rather than being controlled by any one leader.

Carol Wilson

Carol Wilson

International speaker, writer and broadcaster Carol Wilson is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management, the Association for Coaching and the Professional Speaking Association, and is Managing Director of Culture at Work Ltd and Performance Coach Training Ltd. She designs and delivers programmes to create coaching cultures for organisations all over the world including IKEA, NCR, CLM 2012 Olympic Development Partner, PMI, Hilti, ESF Hong Kong, KPMG, Kent County Council, the Arts Council, the BBC and various public sector organisations including schools and county councils. She experienced the value of a coaching culture at first hand during a decade working at MD level with Sir Richard Branson at Virgin, followed by board level positions with Island Records, Polydor and WEA.

Carol was nominated for the Association for Coaching Awards ‘Influence in Coaching’ and ‘Impact in Coaching’, and received a ‘Change Leader of Tomorrow’ Award from Thought Leaders in Mumbai. She is the author of ‘Performance Coaching: a Complete Guide to Best Practice Coaching and Training’ (Kogan Page 2014) featuring forewords by Sir John Whitmore and Sir Richard Branson, and is a contributing author to ‘Excellence in Coaching: The Industry Guide’, ‘The Handbook of Knowledge Based Coaching’, ‘Essential Life Coaching Skills’, ‘The Hidden History of Coaching’, ‘The World Book of Values’ and ‘The Handbook of Coaching and Feedback’, an internal publication at IKEA. Carol also authored a monthly column in Training Journal, has published over 50 articles, and was chosen as a Highly Commended Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2012 for her article “Developing a Coaching Culture”.

Carol has incorporated David Grove’s Clean Language methods into her coaching work since 2002 and, in 2004, was invited by Grove to partner him in defining his techniques into a methodology that could safely be used by coaches. She continued to work with Grove for the last four years of his life, being one of a small number of practitioners who helped him devise and record the techniques of Emergent Knowledge. During this time they developed a series of training courses and worked with Angela Dunbar. After Grove’s death, both Carol and Angela have continued to deliver, adapt and enhance this training for individuals and corporations including the BBC. She is currently working on a Doctorate in Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge at Middlesex University, and a book encompassing all her work with and knowledge about David Grove.

Carol is a Trustee of the charity, The MOE Foundation (, for which she designs and oversees delivery of coach training programmes to young people who have had challenging lives. She is currently working towards a doctorate at Middlesex University.

Office: +44(0)207 022 4923