Specialist Workshops – Upcoming dates

As well as offering our modular training courses in Clean Coaching, for 2023 we are extending our events to include a series of short workshops featuring specialist topics that relate to Clean Coaching and can further support our learners.

These events are of three hours duration, will include take aways such as notes, visuals, recordings and links to extra resources.

Each workshop is created and delivered by a Clean Coaching graduate, who remains part of the centre as a Clean Collaborator.

Workshop topics may include the integration of a Clean Coaching approach with another body of work, or some specific focused area of specialism around Clean Coaching, Clean Language or Emergent Knowledge. The sessions are offered in an exploratory, open space mindset and we invite you to join us in a similar vein!

Groups sizes will typically be small, we anticipate no more than 10 on any one session.

Cost for attendance of an individual workshop is £37.00 or pre-booking a set of three sessions, it’s £100.00

You may also request the recording of a previous session, at the same cost. Please email angela@cleancoaching.com to make the request. 

Summary of schedule:

March 23rd (Thurs) – 4.00pm to 7.00pm UK time: Clean and the Allowed Breath (see below)

May – TBA

July – TBA

Oct – TBA

More coming soon!

How to book

Please pay via Pay Pal using this link:


You’ll need to click on ‘make a payment’ then when the amount window is showing £00.00, change the amount to £37.00 to book one session or £100.00 to book three in advance. Please also confirm with us which workshop you are booking on, via a message on Pay Pal and/or drop a confirmation email to info@cleancoaching.com 

You may also use this method to pay for access to a previous session recording. 

Alternatively please contact us if you’d rather pay by direct transfer from your bank.

Thank you

Clean and the Allowed


– Exploring the relationship

Date: Thurs 23rd March

Time: 4.00pm to 7.00pm UK time

The Inquiry

 As Clean Coaches who also practice and offer Breathexperience, we are exploring the relationship between the Clean approach to a coaching conversation and the Breathexperience approach to sensing our breath moving in our body.  In our view, both practices spring from the same source – the honouring and allowing of every individual’s innate wisdom. Both approaches give access to that innate wisdom. We are interested in how, as facilitators, we can draw upon these complementary disciplines, to the benefit of our own and our clients’ experience.

Presence and Clean

We have observed that Presence, whatever that may mean to each of us, is a fundamental aspect of all Clean explorations. Our bodies house many of the metaphors that emerge during Clean processes.  We have experienced and witnessed that the quality of our Presence, and therefore our experience of ourselves, can change dramatically during a Clean process. Our question is: What happens when we offer ourselves, as Clean facilitators, direct access to physical awareness and the Allowed Breath? How does this choice – to cultivate our experience of Presence, by sensing the movement of our Allowed Breath – support our ability to sense, hear and see what is happening with our client? How does this choice support our ability to discern what question to ask next?

Breath as a Resource

Sensing the movement of the Allowed Breath is a resource we can choose to include. We believe that it allows us to more deeply embody the principles of Clean, and what happens around us is contributed to by that embodiment. So that’s the priority in this workshop: to become exquisitely aware of what’s happening inside us as a facilitator, so that we can listen exquisitely to our client.  We are focusing on what supports us as facilitators to embrace the responsibility that we have to bring our whole self into an inquiry with a client.

Yes, accessing Presence by sensing the Allowed Breath Is also a resource we can offer our clients, because it is a resource every human innately possesses. Valerie will share how she includes breath awareness in her work with all her clients, as an opening to a conversation about how that might happen for you. This is distinct from seeing Breath as a tool that we intentionally offer to a client so that they ‘get more out of’ a Clean Conversation. We believe that Clean processes are in no way limited and need no direct enhancement.   

 What Will Happen in the Workshop 

  • Breathexperience is a somatic practice based in the Allowed Breath – sensing the movement of breath as you let it come and go on its own. Clean Language, EK and Breathexperience offer unique containers for exploration of Self. The Breathexperience container is physical movement and how the breath moves within it. 
  • Direct Experience: You will experience what sensing the allowed breath while moving in these ways has to offer you.
  • Presence: We will explore Presence and how it can expand through Breathexperience practices, and how bringing our Presence when facilitating a Clean process enhances that inquiry.
  • Practice Opportunities: Conduct short Clean sessions with a partner, including your Allowed Breath as a resource. What happens?
  • Group Exploration:
    • How are Breathexperience and Clean different? Similar?
    • As a Clean Coach, what would you like to have happen? How might your Breath support that?
    • Is your Allowed Breath a resource? If so, what kind of resource?
    • What kind of possibilities for application do you see/sense/imagine?

This session will be hosted by Valerie Galvin and Soula Kallinis – see below for more information

Valerie Galvin Bio

 My first career as a classical singer led to creating a partnership in 1989 with three theatre colleagues. Based in Amsterdam, we were called Executive Performance Training, and coached senior business leaders in presenting and public speaking. My work remains informed by this history, and over the years my focus has deepened. Now, I support my clients as they inquire into what I call the humanity of leadership – the premise that our relationship with ourselves is the foundation for our relationship with those we lead. Two disciplines are the primary resources for my work – Breathexperience, a somatic practice based on the Allowed Breath, and Clean Language. 

Soula Kallinis bio

I love Clean Language and EK.  It touches something in my soul and completely resonates with me.  I first came across clean language as a part of homeopathy training, how to be the ‘unprejudiced observer’.  Clean language enhances my ability to be an unprejudiced observer. Another modality that touches my soul and I completely resonate with is Breathexperience.  A movement and breath practice, that heals what is not me, and allows me to become more present.  I can also apply breath experience to my homeopathic practice, I connect with my breath, and I am here in the moment, holding the space for myself to be the unprejudiced observer and my client to share whatever is there to share. As is the case when I facilitate a clean language or EK process.  The journey is, what about these practices touches my soul?  How is it I know that these resonate with me.  Something about these practices mirrors, or self models in me what they touch.  And that is what draws me, what they touch in me, and when I am present to that, others can be touched also, the mirror.  My journey continues to unfold.