Module Two: Clean Language Foundation – ”Exploring Metaphors with Clean Language”

Training dates for 2023 

Starting from Wednesday 24th May 2023 with EIGHT live calls.

This course consists of a combination of 4 content-rich learning events plus 4 live group reflection calls for you to share your experiences and ask questions.

Scheduled learning classes (1.5 hours duration) – all show UK/GMT times:

  • Weds 24th May, 1.00pm UK time
  • Weds 7th June, 1.00pm UK time
  • Weds 21st June, 1.00pm UK time
  • Weds 5th July, 1.00pm UK time

Live Group reflection calls:

  • Weds 31st May, 11.00am UK time
  • Weds 14th June, 6.00pm UK time
  • Weds 28th June, 11.00am UK time
  • Weds 12th July, 6.00pm UK time

(Further calls may be arranged to suit class participants and time zones, depending on volume)


  • Each class / reflection call is 1.5 hours long
  • Entire course is 8 weeks duration with a fortnightly release of study materials and practice assignments
  • Total 16 hours CPD


This module is suitable for experienced coaches interested in learning Clean Language to incorporate into their own coaching frameworks. This module can be taken as a standalone course without completing all our training modules. Some coaches may wish to start their learning with us learning at Module Two and return to Module One at a later stage if they decide to continue learning Clean Coaching and apply for accreditation.

You will learn how to ask Clean Language questions in a structured but flexible process suitable for coaching. This programme covers the full range of basic Clean Language questions created by New Zealand psychotherapist David Grove. The course emphasises the value of working with client’s self-generated metaphors as a creative approach.

This module forms part of an overall series of four modules, which together will build your knowledge, skills and confidence to use Clean Language, Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge in a variety of different coaching-related frameworks and uses, from exploring a particular feeling or state, to structuring a whole coaching session.

The complete Clean Coaching online training programme was conceived by David Grove in conjunction with Carol Wilson. The training is aimed at coaches who want to learn new ways to facilitate clients in a non-directive and creative way. Angela Dunbar has been involved since the course’s early stages of development and was responsible for adding the modules that focus on Clean Language . She is now lead trainer on the entire programme and is a Certified Clean Language Facilitator, immersed in all things “Clean” since 2001 and has had extensive training with David Grove, Penny Tompkins and James Lawley and others.

What you will gain: 

An understanding of how to enter a client’s inner world through metaphors and help them explore issues and reach solutions from a deeper source of knowledge

What this course will cover:

  • How metaphors reveal the structure of our thinking
  • Increasing your awareness of metaphoric language
  • What is ‘clean’ and how it can impact on a client’s ability to change
  • Demonstrations of Clean Language in a coaching context
  • Using Clean Language questions to focus attention
  • Using Clean Language to turn a feeling or mental state into a metaphor
  • Delivering the questions with full syntax
  • The importance of vocal tone and pacing
  • Using Clean Language questions to expand attention
  • Structuring the questions into a process for coaching
  • The practice sessions:
    These will take place at a time agreed by each participant, and over a suitable virtual meeting space. You will be given the option to record your practice to receive detailed, supportive feedback from your course tutor. 
  • Assignments:
    • A Clean Language transcript to review
    • Personal action plans

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Explore coachees’ issues using metaphor
  • Understand the power of metaphor and the language required to use it effectively
  • Understand the principles of “Clean” & apply to any non-directive form of coaching
  • Identify solution focused metaphors as opposed to metaphors of the problem
  • Learn 13 Clean Language questions which least influence the coachee
  • Be able to use Clean Language to define outcomes, barriers and resources
  • Help the coachee make transformational changes

How your learning is supported:

  • Attendance on all live classes / reflection calls plus recordings of all available afterwards
  • Audio and video recordings of demonstration and example practice exercises
  • Full transcripts of all demonstrations and exercises
  • Course notes, copies of visuals and transcripts of demo sessions
  • A mass of extra resources: extra reading materials, useful links and further learning opportunities
  • Most importantly: supervised and supported practice sessions with your fellow classmates
  • Access to an online study / practice group
  • ONE In-depth, personalised feedback report on a practice session of your choice
  • OPTIONAL: Further practice feedback reports available at an additional cost

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Module Two cost:

  • £250.00 for sole traders / private individuals
  • £320.00 including a one-to-one session with one of our Clean Coaching Mentors
  • £500.00 corporate rate

SPECIAL OFFER: Take 10% discount if you book and pay within one month of the course start date:

  • £225.00 for sole traders / private individuals
  • £295.00 including one-to-one session with one of our Clean Coaching Mentors
  • £500.00 corporate rate

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What people have said about our Clean Language online training programme:

“Angela is an excellent tutor using her relaxed inclusive style to make everyone feel at ease and seamlessly adapting to the classes requirements. Conferences calls, feedback and course notes are fine examples of good practice! The course was superb. I have already started to use Clean Language within coaching sessions and I’m very much looking forward to undertaking the next course of Clean Language in the near future.” Lynn Cox, IAAR

“The mixture of learning from theory, demonstration, practice and detailed personal feedback was very effective. I was able to move quickly from being a clumsy beginner to feeling more confident to use and explore my new skills.”
Dr Nanas Callander, The Lynton Partnership

“Angela offers a highly skilled hand in guiding delegates through the material and she naturally builds confidence in others to not only explore new concepts but to consider new horizons” Maureen Atkins, Coach, Berkshire

“I learnt a lot – I had come across Clean Language before but only touched on it superficially and as Angela pointed out so well, there is a helluva lot more to it than just “sticking with the client`s language”… I can see that trying to get into the client`s metaphorical language will be a real help to exploring some deeper issues and making connections, Thanks again” Alison Dale, Government Office for London

“The pace is great – stretching but manageable, both the content and the timings spaced just right for me as a busy working mum! You create a lovely supportive learning environment, and the humour is great too. Notes are helpful – have filed them as I go, which helps to keep track.” Rachael Ross, Rachael Ross Coaching, UK

“Clean Language training should be part of any coach training programme, it adds richness to the coaching process and the result for the client. Clean Language helps you build a deeper rapport with your client. Angela’s training style is calm, clear and extremely professional, and combined with her passion and indepth knowledge of the subject creates a highly effective training programme. If you want to take your coaching to the next level, this course is essential. Helen Isacke, Crown Coaching Ltd