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Clean Language Training at Oxford Brookes University

Gaining Insight and Achieving Outcomes at Oxford Brookes University

Our chief Course Director, Angela Dunbar, has been working closely with Oxford Brookes University since 2006, lecturing on Clean Language within their Coaching and Mentoring Short Courses Programme.

All of the programmes delivered have been received favourably by a wide range of participants.

The basic skills one day programme covers:

• Different kinds of thinking – conceptual, sensory and symbolic
• Metaphors – Understanding what a metaphor is and the hidden depth of meaning it can contain
• The principles of Clean – not contaminating the client’s experience
• The basic Clean Language questions and when to use each one
• Problems, Remedies and Desired Outcomes
• Using Clean Language questions to explore an Outcome
• The Symbolic Modelling process

Participants leave the programme having gained:

• A practical method of exploring a client’s outcome using the Symbolic Modelling framework
• More awareness of metaphoric language and know what kind of question to ask to encourage the client to gain new insights
• An understanding of the principles of “Clean” and ability to apply this to any non-directive form of coaching
• Know the difference between a client’s stated “problem”, “proposed remedy” or “desired outcome” and be able to respond accordingly to help the client move forward

Comments from participants include:

“I learnt a lot – I had come across Clean Language before but only touched on it superficially and as you pointed out so well, there is a helluva lot more to it than just “sticking with the client`s language”… I can see trying to get into the client`s metaphorical language will be a real help to exploring some deeper issues and making connections, Thanks again” Alison Dale, Government Office for London
“Extremely thought-provoking – giving me a practical tool / application to take forward and enhancing my self-awareness within my corporate coaching work” Clive Cary, Momenta

“Wonderful clarity and energy. Very effective at dealing with all kinds of questions” Peggy O’Neil, The Works Partnership

“Very useful and enjoyable day, stimulating and thought-provoking“

“A great course – exceptionally well-taught“

“Great to have a final demonstration at the end“

“Very interesting, thank you“

Contact Angela Dunbar to discuss your requirements for programmes like this: 01404 891125