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Free Webinars on Clean Coaching

We offer two options, and each webinar can be accessed online via your computer, smart phone or tablet. Or if you prefer, you can listen to the class from any standard telephone call, without having to pay a premium call charge.

Clean Language and the Magic of Metaphor


Clean Coaching: Getting from A to B with “EK”

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Dates Winter 2019:

Clean Language and the Magic of Metaphor:

Weds 6th Feb 2019
Mon 18th Feb 2019

The class will cover: 

  • How patterns of thinking shape our language
  • What is a metaphor and how to spot one
  • Key principles of a Clean approach to Coaching
  • Examples of Clean Language questions
  • A demonstration of Clean Language
  • Question and answer session

In this class you will learn how Clean Language can be used by coaches to enable clients to gain new perspectives and discover creative insights.

Developed by NZ Psychologist David Grove whilst working with victims of trauma, Clean Language provides a safe route into a client’s own internal wisdom contained within their non-conscious mind.

This is achieved through the exploration of the client’s own (often unconscious) use of metaphors to express their situation, self and goal.

Places are limited, please register now by completing the form to the right, or by emailing

Clean Coaching – Getting from A to B with “EK”:

Mon 4th Feb 2019
Mon 18th Feb 2019

The class will cover:

  • What is EK (Emergent Knowledge) and where did it come from?
  • How networks work and how neurons ‘think’
  • The coachee’s mental picture as a ‘small world’
  • How the tangible space around a coachee provides access to different ways of thinking.
  • A demonstration of Clean coaching with EK

In this session, Angela will briefly cover some of the theory on this technique explaining how it evolved from David Grove’s work in Clean Language and subsequently Space. We’ll look at how networks work in nature and consider our minds as a network. Then we’ll look at how the process of Emergent Knowledge and the principles of repeating certain questions in a certain fashion enable a new network to form, allowing a higher level thinking pattern to emerge.

Then, you will have the opportunity to listen to a live demonstration of one EK technique. You’ll be able to hear for yourself the key stages that a client is likely to move through before reaching a point of transformation, when the old way of thinking no longer applies.

You can ask questions along the way and get a real sense of how and why this technique works in an almost magical way, and witness the benefits it can bring to a client. And for you as a coach a simple, but amazingly effective, technique for helping a client shift perspective.