Clean Coaching Basics:

(A Crash Course in Creativity)

A stand alone, self study module suitable for beginners in Clean Language / Coaching, and those looking for a “refresher” of their Clean skills


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  • Each recorded webinar class is one hour long


  • A series of 4 recordings of webinar classes
  • Each interactive webinar of 60 minutes includes post-session resources and reading materials.
  • Access to video (Mp4) and audio only (Mp3) recordings
  • Access to an online discussion group
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Webinar Titles:

  • Making a Clean Start
  • How to Get from A to B
  • The Magic of Metaphor
  • Clean Action Space

What will this webinar series cover?

In this webinar series, you will learn the basics of taking a Clean Approach to coaching. The content is highly practical and looks at real-life examples of using Clean Coaching, plus clear guidelines on what and how to practice what you are learning. 

You will learn:

  • How to prevent any unconscious bias creeping into your coaching that might prevent your coachee from discovering their own unique answers.
  • How to ask Clean Language questions to tap into your coachee’s imaginative self and connect with their own inner wisdom.
  • How the coachee’s use of metaphor can be viewed as a doorway to inner thought patterns.
  • Various other aspects of working cleanly such as using space, movement and the power of repetition.

The webinar is suitable for both new and experienced coaches looking for new techniques and frameworks to help coachees gain creative insights and make deep and sustainable changes.

Clean Coaching should be incredibly easy to learn and adopt. However, for many it turns out to be harder than expected. At times it seems to go against your “natural” instincts to help others and connect with them.

This training will help you to:

1) Appreciate why a clean approach can be so valuable in enhancing creativity and bringing about change
2) Have clear, straightforward frameworks to easily incorporate into your coaching in a fluid way (even if you have previously tried and failed to use a Clean approach
3) To put it into practice as soon as possible with fellow learners in a safe, experimental environment

In combination, these three factors will help ensure that by the end of the webinar series you can apply Clean Coaching with confidence.

This webinar series is a good introduction to the Clean Coaching complete online learning programme (consisting of 4 training modules over an 18 month period). It also serves as an excellent refresher for those who have previously undertaken Clean Coaching training with us (or Clean Language training elsewhere).

Please note it does not include any practice session recording review/feedback. nor does it count towards the Clean Coaching Accreditation scheme (as approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management).

In this webinar series you will learn:

a) How to use Clean Language questions within your coaching
b) Clean Coaching frameworks and models to structure your approach
c) Ways to work creatively using mediums such as client-generated metaphors, drawings, space and movement

We will also consider key learning points such as:

The importance of listening, reflecting back the coachee’s actual words rather than paraphrasing, and finally how the delivery of your question (eg pausing and inflection ) hugely impacts on how the question ‘lands’ with your coachee. Also, why making suggestions can be far more suugestive than you might intend. And when to use a Clean Approach (and when not to).

Further details on content for each webinar

Webinar 1: Making a Clean Start
In this session you will learn how to help your coachee to discover and explore what it is they really want. You will learn the PRO model (Lawley and Tomlkins): How to distinguish between an ‘Outcome’, a ‘Problem’ and a ‘Proposed Remedy’ and how to explore each with Clean Language questions. You will learn that being ‘non-directive’ is not the same as being directionless and how to focus your coachee’s attention towards what they want rather than what they don’t want.

Webinar 2: How to Get from A to B
You will learn David Grove’s simple ‘A to B’ framework as a model for the coachee’s journey. Using this framework you will learn how to help your coachee to create a spatial ‘map’ of that journey that often uncovers the unspoken barriers or obstacles that the coachee believes may be preventing them from reaching their outcome. This process taps into metaphor and invites the coachee to think / experience their outcome in different, creative ways and provides a useful springboard into further exploration, cleanly or otherwise.

Webinar 3: The Magic of Metaphor
In this session we will explore why metaphors matter so much to people. You will learn how to spot a metaphor and what to do when you hear one. You will also learn how to invite your coachee to come up with a metaphor to describe their experience.
You will learn how to explore the symbols within a metaphor and the value of helping your coachee generate an embodied, ‘felt sense’ of that symbol.

Webinar 4: Clean Action Space
In the final session you will learn a Clean Coaching process to help your coachee to come up with an action plan. Through a simple, iterative questioning process, you can drill down on the detail and gently challenge your coachee to break down their strategies into specific, do-able action steps. You can use this as a stand-alone process or combine with the techniques and processes covered on the previous classes.

Recordings and slides will be made available for all registered participants.

Choose between listening to the classes as audio podcasts, or watching as a video.

Preparation & Resources:

You will be invited to do some brief preparation in advance of each webinar, to help you get the most from the materials covered in each session.

You will also be invited to join our Crash Course Facebook group, where current and previous attendees of this webinar series will congregate and you can join in with discussions and raise questions / share your reflections and experiences. In addition, you can potentially find willing practice partners here, to carry out the suggested exercises given at the end of each class.  We encourage you to put what you learn into practice immediately and this is one way to ensure this happens, within a safe space where you can be free to experiment and see what happens,

There will be supporting documentation to accompany each webinar and you will also be given links to additional learning resources / further reading materials.

Price and special offers:

The fee of £99.00 allows you access to all training materials, class recordings and additional resources, such as sample chapters and articles.

In summary, for £99.00 you will get:

  • 4 x 60 minute virtual seminars with Angela Dunbar
  • Pre and post resources to explore the concepts and apply your learning
  • Recordings of all webinars and a copy of the slides for your own library
  • A Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Certificate at the end of the series

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