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Accredited Clean Coaches

Adrian Goodall

Adrian Goodall

Wiltshire, UK

Adrian Goodall coaches executives and their teams in the corporate market who want better, different results. Typically this involves opportunities and challenges of leadership, promotion, confidence, teamwork, clarity of direction and communication skills. An accredited coach with the ICF and Association for Coaching, as well as in Clean Coaching for Leadership, he uses and combines Clean and Systemic approaches to support his clients in achieving their objectives. Where appropriate, he can also offer his commercial and executive experience and insight from a 25-year career in finance and industry. He is passionate about the unique potential and contribution of individuals, and also the impact of this on the teams and organisations in which they work.
Eleanor Haspel-Portner

Eleanor Haspel-Portner

California, US

Eleanor Haspel-Portner, Ph.D. clinical psychologist and coach in private practice since 1974, is a lifelong learner whose curiosity motivates her continued exploration of effective cutting edge tools that facilitate healthy transformations. She integrates Clean Communication and Emergent Knowledge into her practice with the intention of empowering client’s to deepen their self and interpersonal awareness. She also uses specialized multidimensional and interdisciplinary tools that she developed through Noble Sciences. Eleanor teaches Clean Communication as a form of Conversational Hypnosis to professionals and coaches. She is current President of the Southern California Society for Clinical Hypnosis, an Approved Consultant of the American Society Of Clinical Hypnosis, a Member of the Relationship Coaching Institute, and of numerous other professional organizations.
Sarah Fenwick

Sarah Fenwick

Hampshire & South, UK

Sarah is an Accredited Business/Executive Coach and Chartered Sport Psychologist with a passion for challenging herself and her clients to step beyond their comfort zone and achieve their full potential. She works with a range of clients from challenging CEOs of global organisations to daring local entrepreneurs, young sports performers brimming with world class potential to extreme expeditions teams trusting each other in life threatening conditions. Sarah loves using Clean Coaching techniques with clients, because ‘it really helps them achieve greater insight and understanding about what they want and how they can transform their performance and achieve their full potential.Read more at
 Julie McCracken

Julie McCracken

Essex, UK

Julie is a Senior Coach, Coach Mentor & Assessor, Clean Facilitator and experienced teacher. She has developed coaching approaches with young children in school settings for over a decade. She uses Clean Language to enhance the learning experiences of children and the coaching experiences of her adult clients. Julie has delivered presentations on Clean Language Approaches in the Classroom at the Clean Language Summer School (Cambridge, UK) and the International Clean Language Conference (London) and was a guest trainer at the latest Clean Language Summer School.
Julie coaches Leaders in Education. She trains children, teachers and teaching assistants to use coaching skills, listening skills and Clean questioning skills for enhanced communication and thinking. And is consulted on the introduction of Clean questioning and coaching approaches in classrooms in the UK and internationally. You can find out more about Julie through this link:
Jacqueline Surin

Jacqueline Surin

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jacqueline Ann Surin is a communications expert with more than 25 years experience. She coaches leaders in both corporate and not-for-profits to ask the right questions to have success and wellbeing in their lives.

She is a certified NLP practitioner, an ILM-endorsed Clean Language coach, and the first certified Level 1 Systemic Modeller for Clean group facilitation and organisational coaching outside of the UK. She works in both Malaysia and Singapore. Jacqueline was an award-winning journalist for 20 years in her previous career.

She provides an obligation-free, complimentary 20-minute Clean Coaching session on Skype or on the phone. E: Skype: jasurin1 LinkedIn: