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Ebook: “Creativity in Coaching”

This 84 page manual is now complete and available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle for £4.99, or FREE to those who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

Click here to access more details, request a free sample and to purchase the ebook.

This books is aimed at those brand new to “Clean”, or those who have had some training but still struggle to include Clean techniques in their typical coaching work.

It offers simple, practical ways to use Clean and Clean’ish’ questions, approaches and techniques within a coaching context.

The book includes:

  • The psychology of creativity
  • Debunking the myths about creativity that hold us stuck
  • How metaphors both constrain us and offer the key to new thinking pathways
  • Using Space and Movement to open up new perspectives
  • Involving objects and other ‘props’
  • How to engage the coachee through drawings
  • Top tips and really useful questions
  • And much more!