Module Three: Clean Coaching Advanced – “Gaining Insight from New Perspectives”

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This module builds on the ‘EK’ principles covered on Module One and provides a variety of tools and techniques created by David Grove and Carol Wilson, to use with coachees depending on their circumstances and preferences. Includes working with paper and the coachee’s writing and drawings, working from different directions, exploring boundaries, working with different coachee ‘selves’, body ‘parts’, exploring past, present and future, and much more. This course also provides guidance on wider coaching issues like working cleanly across a series of sessions and managing time.

What you will gain:

Confidence to work with coachees cleanly using a variety of different mediums and techniques, including space, movement, direction, written words and drawings, plus a deeper understanding of Grove’s EK concepts.

 What this course will cover:

  • Clean Pronouns: An exercise that begins with the coachee drawing a ‘map’ of their body and then marking on it where various parts of themselves are. In this way we help the coachee to explore their “I”, their “me” their “myself” and the “you” that others refer to them as. This is an incredible exercise to help a coachee recognise different parts of themselves that may each want different outcomes, and how all these parts work together as a ‘system’. You will also learn how to integrate this with previously learned techniques to help expand the coachee’s understanding and shift perspective.
  • Clean Spinning: This simple and flexible process enables the coachee to explore different perspectives when there is limited space, or when the goal is unclear, or when they wish to stay in one place. An excellent process to build in Clean Language metaphor exploration too.
  • Clean Hieroglyphics: This rich and expansive process involves working with the client and paper. You will learn how the words the client writes down can become keys to unlock new insights, and that the words may be just one small part of the story, and how you can quickly help the coachee to get at the whole story, what came before and what came after. The letters, like hieroglyphics, are also symbols that contain a hidden meaning that can be revealed through a certain questioning process.
  • Clean ‘Aid’: Dealing with a distressed coachee.
  • Clean Boundaries: An excellent follow up process to expand attention following a basic exploration. We also look at the boundary around the coachee’s small world, what the qualities of that boundary are and how the coachee can experience ‘going beyond’ that and further boundaries, going on a journey of discovery, to ultimately return to their start point with a re-scaled view of the world and their goal, issues and self-image. Can be used for exploring relations and as a process for coach supervision and exploring boundaries in the coach/client relationship.
  • The “Senses Census”: An eight-page questionnaire to help support your coachee before, between and after sessions. Within these pages are a wealth of questions that can also be used face to face and will give you an abundance of extra ways of working should you ever feel you need more choices with the EK framework. We will explore these questions and discover which are most useful to you.
  • Clean Time: You will also learn a process, ‘Clean Time’, which helps a client lay out in space their relationship with the past, present and future. This adaptable process can be used as a review exercise after a series of coaching sessions, or as an information gathering process right at the start.
  • Plus how you can work cleanly within an overall framework, over a series of coaching sessions 

• Audio recordings of David Grove’s demos + explanatory transcripts
• Comprehensive workshop notes
• Supervised, recorded practice sessions with one-to-one feedback

Learning outcomes:

• A thorough understanding of all the processes described above, through demo sessions, explanations, discussion and supervised practice
• A greater understanding of the science behind Grove’s ideas and concepts
• Deeper confidence to use Clean techniques with a wider range of clients in different circumstances and at different stages of the coaching assignment


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  • £640.00 for live event series in 2025 (£1280.00 for corporate bookings)
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“It gave me a way to explore emotions and feelings safely, staying within the boundary that separates coaching from therapy. It was also a revelation to see where the client’s mind went to when freed from its usual verbal restrictions when exploring an issue. An unexpectedly great way of working.”    

Liz Macann, Head of Executive, Leadership and Management Coaching, BBC

“The group was good and I really benefited from the practicing but the best bit was the fantastic feedback. Angela took a considerable amount of time and effort to listen to every word and provided personalised feedback which I found extremely useful. All queries and questions were answered fully and despite the fact it was distance learning I felt very supported – more so than on most face-to-face courses.

Liz Ford, Ford Consulting

“Great course! All parts were great; excellent explanations, right combination of lecture, practice, debriefing of practice; really well done and put together; right pace; plenty of time for questions; felt heard and listened to; Very pleased with results, not only as a coach, but as a “client” in the demos; fascinating results”

Joann Parks, USA

“I enjoyed and learnt greatly from both the input and the feedback on our sessions. It has given me a new tool in my coaching tool kit – one which seems to work well with those who are stuck with loads of ‘stuff’! Our sessions felt like a safe environment to practice, which was particularly useful”

Sharon Langford, UK

“I think that this has significant value and complements the NLP and prior coaching knowledge and skills that I have. I really liked the way that the programme was designed to get me coaching immediately and I feel I can use this method with clients. And the practical follow-up sessions were extremely insightful. I’m really happy that I took this course as it has opened up a coaching door that was previously only half-open. What I am learning feels right to me”

Maggie Ridding, Spain

“The teleconference sessions were extremely clear and easy to follow (& learn!); the discipline of getting on with practicing it was good!; Angela’s following up and sharing of subsequent email dialogue was very helpful and allowed me to feel I could ask questions and share experience. Angela – Your care and attention to each of us in this learning module has been excellent and has really enabled and supported a great learning environment. I have enjoyed the module and the EK learning and feel I have gained a lot from it”

Adrian Goodall, UK

“Even more useful and interesting than expected…I’m thoroughly enjoying it, and looking forward to the further developments….”

N S, Midlands

“Extremely thought-provoking – giving me a practical tool / application to take forward and enhancing my self-awareness within my corporate coaching work”  

Clive Cary, Momenta

“Wonderful clarity and energy. Very effective at dealing with all kinds of questions”

Peggy O’Neil, The Works Partnership

‘I can’t express easily in words what a wonderful, intense and fascinating experience you have both provided and delivered with such charm, humour and delicate touch. For me the words for now are: gratitude, synchronicity, intense excitement, wonder, joy, ease and challenge. To put them into sentences would take me into tomorrow and beyond! I have had and am having so many
personal insights.’  

Alison Perry –

I have found clean coaching to be a very powerful method to bring about change which is really congruent for the person. David’s work and explanations are fascinating and Carol’s lightness of touch and clarity in explaining this model make for a highly stimulating learning forum.  

Wendy Oliver –

‘What a stimulating and inspiring couple of days. I’m so looking forward to the next time and keen to practice. Many thanks to you and David for a great opportunity for learning and growth, as well as a fun weekend.’

Carole Clements –

“We found the David Grove Clean Coaching workshop inspirational – a learning experience of a different class. Original, thoughtful, powerful and extraordinarily valuable in awakening client awareness and new insights. We left feeling enriched by the experience. David’s workshops are learning opportunities of a rare kind.”

Katherine Darley & Bill McDermott People Plus Solutions –

“I would like to thank you once again for a fantastic few days attending the fascinating workshop! I loved every moment! It was not only educational but also inspiring and fabulous fun!”  

Rosanna Bille –