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Welcome to the Book Club for Coaches

We will regularly post details here of our meetings, forthcoming books to read and any additional resources to share. 


 The online meeting will take place on Wednesday 30th Jan, from 12.30pm to 2.00pm. Bring your own lunch! 

For our first session, we will explore and review two well-known coaching books. 

The first is a real classic for coaches and hopefully you may already have it on your bookshelves. 

The book is entitled “Helping the Client” by John Heron. 

This book is for anyone involved in helping people, including managers, trainers and counsellors as well as coaches. 

Originally published in 1990, my understanding is that this book was the first to coin the phrases ‘directive’ and ‘non-directive’ forms of intervention. 

It’s available from all good book stores, although it is quite expensive at the moment, You can pick up a second hand copy though for £16.00 or so. 

It’s also one I would expect to be available at your local library. 

You may also be able to pick up free chapters / excerpts online if you want to ‘dip in’ a bit first to see if you like it. 

The second book is “Challenging Coaching – Going beyond traditional coaching to face the FACTS” by Ian Day and John Blakely. 

This is a much more recent book, published in 2012. 

I chose this book because it is a good compliment to the classic “Helping the Client” plus the Kindle edition is selling at a very good price on Amazon at the moment (a very affordable £3.99). 

Please join us as a silent attendee if you haven’t read the books and want to know more, or as an full participant if you have read either book and would like to join in! You can participate even if you’ve only read some of the book, for instance you might want to share your personal review of a specific chapter. 

No spoilers to worry about at a  book club reading non-fiction books! But there’s no reason why we might not chose an inspirational fiction book at some point, if it’s a valuable read for coaches. 

If you have registered with us, we’ll be in touch soon with full joining instructions and an access link / telephone number for this online event. 

More information coming soon for the  February and March meetings. 

Please contact with any book suggestions, thanks!