Sarah, where have you come from?

My background is in both science and spirituality. I studied astrophysics at university and ended up spending many years working as a meteorologist in far flung locations around the planet. But I also trained as a Reiki healer and a shamanic practitioner and found that my real passion lies in helping people reconnect with their innate wisdom and power. When that happens people can (and do) make amazing things happen.

Where were you when you first started learning Clean Coaching?

I was working as a therapist, coach and healer over decade ago and this was when I first encountered clean language. I started training with Angela, but life events have meant it is only now that I’ve completed the clean language and emergent knowledge training offered by the Clean Coaching Centre.

And your experience learning Clean Coaching, that was like what?

Like finally finding a firm foundation for the coaching and healing work I offer. My roots have grown deeper and I am deeply nourished by the learning of the last year or so. This has empowered me to finally make the move to live aboard an off-grid narrowboat home from which I offer online coaching and healing to both groups and individuals.

And now you’ve completed your training, what happens next?

To continue deepening my roots! I am exploring different ways of using clean language and emergent knowledge in groups: I offer free monthly online gatherings where people can experience this, with each gathering based around a theme. I have called them “Sanctuary Circles” as each one offers a safe, nurturing space for everyone attending to deepen their own knowing on the theme.

I also offer clean coaching to people online. I find clean language invokes the deepest strengths and wisdom within my clients and this is incredibly empowering for them. I’ve not found another mainstream modality which does this as effectively as clean language.

Over the next 18 months I’ll be staying on at the Clean Coaching Centre as a Clean Genie. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to review all the learning of the last year or so as well as to witness and perhaps assist in the learning of the new cohort of trainees.

Is there anything else?

My adventure continues: I take great delight in living with my beautiful cat close to nature on my narrowboat, even with all the challenges which that brings. I love the fact that I can live “lightly”, using few resources, whilst still being able to work with people who want to make a difference in their lives, as well as with people who know it is time for their lives to make a difference in their community, their organisations, and the wider world. I cannot imagine not taking a clean approach to all of that!

My work and offerings are described on my website with its sister facebook page here