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Clean Coaching Module Two:
Clean Language Foundation – Support Material

Class One – demonstration

Please click on the ‘play’ button in the screen to the right of this text.

Exercise – Spotting Metaphors

This is an exercise to practice spotting metaphors. Please notice what the coachee says in answer to each of the questions, and in particular, what metaphors were used. As a continuation of learning between the classes, please write down all the metaphors (obvious and the subtler ones) that were mentioned.

When you have completed this, please send your tutor a list of what you spotted, and how many in total there were. I’ll compile a table so we can compare what each of you notices.

Class Two – demonstration

In this demo, you will hear a thorough job (in a short space of time) of focusing attention on the metaphors that emerge, until we are ready to move to strategies and actions.

Note that after the first metaphor of ‘sea and waves’ are explored, we get to also explore the internal resources that accompany this experience (the radio transmitter). This gives the coachee a sense of control on what can be done, as it’s an internal resource. It was a short session, much more could have been explored with more time! However it is a good example of how metaphors can quickly ‘come alive’ and tell their own story….

You can also download the transcript here. At the end of the transcript are some questions for you to consider to effectively finish off the session.

Demonstration of a complete Clean Language session

Click on the player to your right to listen to a complete Clean Language session where a number of metaphors are explored, then attention expanded with time and relationship questions, before wrapping up with exploring actions with “What needs to happen” and “Can you” questions. The whole thing was an impromptu demo, and quite short in length.

A good example of ‘going with the flow’!

You can also download the transcript here

Demonstration of a complete Clean Language session

In this demo, you will hear two practice participants exploring metaphors using Clean Language questions.

As learners, some of what takes place is very good as it shows the development of real skills in spotting metaphors and choosing the appropriate Clean Language question to ask. As beginners, there are also some examples of less skillful choices, and mis-phrased Clean Language questions. This results in some insightful learning which the participants share at the end.

The two sessions also show how metaphoric landscapes can vary considerably. The first has just two clear and distinct symbols within their metaphoric world, and both are on the inside.

The second offers a wealth of alternative metaphors, mostly visual ones external to the coachee. Through development with Clean Language, further metaphors came to life and the symbols had more of an internal presence when the ‘whereabouts’ was explored.

You can read Angela’s detailed feedback conjunction with listening to the recording, to consider alternative / rephrased questions and picking up on metaphors used but not explored.

You can also review the transcript here.