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Clean Coaching Module Three –
Support Material

Clean Pronouns – Tutorial and demonstration

In this session, David Grove talks about coaching the space of A, and what might be behind a client’s use of pronouns to describe themselves: “I”, “me” “you” and “myself”.

This is followed by a brief demonstration of the Clean Pronouns process, where you can hear exactly how David phrased each question and how he delivered them.

Clean Pronouns – Questions

In this recording we hear the questions raised by a group who first experienced the demonstration and then practiced the process for themselves.

You will hear some great explanations from David here, covering some of his core concepts such as the spacing of the questions, Sampling theory, more on networking theory and the great quote about getting directions in Ireland!

David was sitting outside as he gave these explanations, so please forgive the noise from the passing aircraft!

Clean Hieroglyphs

Click on the ‘play’ button to listen to a demonstration of Clean Hiero, exploring a coachee’s goal of ‘Space’.

You can see the accompanying drawings that the coachee did during this process here.

You can also read a transcript of the complete session here. 

Clean Boundaries

This recording is a practice session between two Clean Coaching students, and Andy is coaching Cheryl using Clean Boundaries.

The session is not necessarily ‘perfect’, but it gives a good example of the typical reactions of a coachee, as they step further and further back and see a wider context, and the impact this has when they come back ‘in’ to the original goal once more.

Clean Time – Demo

Click on the play button on the juke box player to the right to hear Angela coaching with the Clean Time process.

You can download and read a copy of the transcript through this link.