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Clean Coaching Module One
Support Materials

Clean Networks Moving B

Click the ‘play’ button on the player on the right to listen to a demonstration of Angela working with a coachee on her outcome “To feel more confident”. In this session, the goal at B is invited to move and to actively participate in the session. 

David Grove tutorial 1: The Spaces of Clean Coaching

Hear the master himself describe the various spaces involved in Clean Coaching, and how this process is fundamentally different from other forms of coaching.

This recording was made in July ’05, during the first Clean Coaching workshop which David facilitated with Carol Wilson.

David Grove tutorial 2: Chicken and Egg

Here David explains how the whole ‘small world’ system of a client’s desire to get from A to B creates a certain kind of ‘egg’ type problem, bound by the very nature of itself. The solution needs to be of a ‘chicken’ variety.

David Grove Tutorial 3: It’s a Small World

David explains more about the boundary conditions around a client’s ‘small world’ and the space that the facilitator needs to occupy and introduces the notion of ‘clean’ questions to emerge information. Here he talks about the ‘six degrees of freedom’ that form a network and the critical mass required for the ‘system’ to reframe and change itself.

David Grove Tutorial 4: The Solution Space

In this tutorial, David explains the importance of going to another space to find a solution that will work. He shares a personal anecdote that may have been the first forming of his ideas around Clean Space.

He also starts to explain the importance and relevance of the ‘Starting Conditions’ and relates it to ‘chaos theory’.

Finally he sets up some questions for us to think about as coaches.