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The Clean Genie Membership Programme:

From August 2024

About the Clean Genie membership programme

Firstly, may we congratulate you on completing the entire Clean Coaching training programme, incorporating Emergent Knowledge and Clean Language!

We hope you now feel equipped with a depth of understanding of Clean Coaching as well as the ability to use it in practice. Over the years our courses have evolved to include more materials, recordings and transcripts, as well as opportunities for practice. And, the end of your formal training does not necessarily mean that you have reached the level of competence and confidence you desire, as this tends to come from continued practice over time. For many, being able to revisit the material and engage with it at a different, more advanced level of understanding really aids their progress to mastery. And that is what the Clean Genie programme can provide for you, at a much reduced cost compared to repeating the entire course as a student again. 

We recognize that becoming a masterful Clean Coach needs time and continued opportunities to use and apply the skills you have learnt, and with this in mind we created the Clean Genie membership programme, for all students who have completed all four training modules with us (whether or not they are undertaking accreditation).

This Clean Genie membership programme provides our graduates with a structured platform of ongoing experiential learning, so that they can deepen and solidify their Clean Coaching skills, and broaden their understanding of all the multi-faceted dimensions that this entails. For some it may provide a step between completing training and being ready for accreditation (but not necessarily so) and for others who are not interested in formal accreditation, it provides an alternative way to keep your Clean skills alive. It also means that you can continue the connection with the Clean Coaching Centre’s community and to learn further through observation, participation and the practice of giving feedback

Being part of the Clean Genie team means having the opportunity to revisit the full four-module training programme again, this time at a different level of involvement. Your skills and understanding are developed not only by the reiteration of all the training materials and classes, but by developing your critical thinking and observational skills by reviewing and giving feedback on current student’s practice sessions. We then assess your understanding and provide feedback on your feedback, enabling you to fine-tune your understanding. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at

What are the benefits of being part of the scheme?

Revisiting the entire training programme

This is an opportunity for you to embed your learning, check your understanding and revisit all the training materials;  particularly those additional ‘nice to know’ nuggets that you may not have had the time or headspace to fully review the first time around.  In addition, the training modules are constantly evolving and you will gain access to the latest materials and emerging ideas. You have already learnt the power of iteration, now you can apply to your own learning. As well as having access to all training materials and class recordings for Modules 1 to 4, you will also gain access to the “Clean Coaching Basics” short course.  You may repeat all trainings at your own pace through self-study and you may also participate in any live trainings that are taking place (see below). 

Accountability – a focus for your learning

As a Clean Genie we will invite you to review current student’s practice sessions and offer feedback in a structured format, in collaboartion with another Clean Genie (see below). In addition, when attending live classes, you may be invited to contribute, for instance by sharing your experience, offering encourgement to new students and voicing any chat note questions or comments. Plus, if you have the know-how and/or are willing to learn, to assist in the technical side of the call, for instance setting up breakout rooms. This requires your commitment, and gives a purpose to your learning, helping to consolidate your understanding through practical use. 

Learn how to give Clean feedback

We will provide you with an induction programme to help you learn how to give feedback cleanly. You will be given example sessions to review and learn from each other / more experienced Clean Coaching practitioners on not only what is most useful to focus on, but also how best to phrase your feedback to be specific, supportive and as clean as possible.  

Deepen your understanding from reviewing others in action

The process of “feedbacking” to current learners provides an enriching new learning opportunity for you. By observing others’ practice, you get to form more clearly your understanding of Clean Coaching, developing your critical thinking and modelling skills. Working with a partner you will discover what another’s model of the session looks like and expand yours.  By offering collaborative feedback in a clean and supportive way, you can develop your skills further. 

Connection – Be part of a Clean community

We host monthly Clean Genie Support calls where you can check in with other Clean Genies and learn from each other how you are putting your Clean Coaching, Clean Language and Emergent Knowledge skills to use. This gives you encouragement and support to build your confidence, as well as provide a platform for creative exploration on how to use those skills in a way that works for you. Many previous Clean Genies have gone on to collaborate together on projects, generating paid opportunities for some. Experienced Clean Genies may offer their own Clean Coaching training offering which you are also invited to participate in

What is involved?

In brief, the membership programme includes:

  • Access to all Clean Coaching training courses – classes, reflection calls and resources webpages
  • Access to the Clean Genie resources webpage and discussion forum
  • Monthly Clean Genie Zoom calls – With Angela Dunbar attending every other session, to provide mentoring and supervision on your Clean Coaching / Clean Training
  • Practice session feedback assignments – with partner collaboration and feedback offered on your feedback
  • Attendence on any live trainings offered by the Clean Coaching Centre and approved associates
  • Develop your Clean group facilitation skills by being part of the ‘Bite Sized’ Zoom call hosting team
  • Second-year Clean Genies can join our team of “Clean Coaching Approved Associates”, and are supported by a logo, dedicated webpage and occasional promotional activity  

Your Commitment / CPD hours

We invest in our Clean Genies and will nurture you to grow in your ability to coach cleanly. In return, we ask for your commitment. In practice this means ensuring you set aside sufficient time to be fully involved, which we expect to be around 2.5 hours per month on average.  This includes self study time, live class participation, attending the Clean Genie support calls and giving practice session feedback.

You may of course devote much more time, if you have the availability.

CPD hours

The time you devote to the Clean Genie programme all counts as Continuous Professional Development, and we encourage you to keep a learning log of your hours and activity, At the end of a year’s membership, you will be awarded a CPD certificate as evidence of your learning.

Your Commitment - a detailed breakdown of likely activity and time commitment

Monthly Clean Genie Support Calls

These group Zoom calls are dedicated entirely to your continued learning, are often themed, and encourage Clean Genies to share with each other what’s working for them. Some calls may take a supervisory approach, eg bring your Clean Coaching cases for discussion and support, whilst others might offer mentoring, for instance for a Clean Genie developing their own Clean application / training offering. We recommend that you attend all of these calls, and if you cannot make a date then you listen to the recording. Previously, sessions have been scheduled for the first Wednesday of every month, at 8.00am and 5.00pm UK time, for 1 hour. We are very likely to stick with this schedule if it continues to suit the majority. 

Giving Practice Feedback

As part of the programme, you will be asked (in collaboration with a feedback partner) to give feedback to current learners on their practice.  This involves putting aside time to review the recording, and transcript, as well as arranging a call with your feedbacking partner, and finally writing down your feedback in a supportive way. The more time you can devote to this, the better your learning experience will be, although the exact amount of time required will vary. You can expect it to take in total 1 to 2 hours per piece of feedback. The volume of feedback opportunities will vary depending on the numner of current students we have, and we appreciate you may not always be able to assist within the timescale for completing the feedback. However, we expect that on average you will complete one feedback report every other month. Once you have completed 5 reports, from then on you will be offered a small bonus (to the value of £25.00) for each additional report you complete. 

Class / Group Reflection Call Attendance  

You may elect to attend as many live classes / calls as you wish, depending on what is currently scheduled. Whilst this is optional we encourage you to attend any live classes / refelction  calls that you can. If the class timings don’t work for you, we ask that you listen / watch the recordings.  Attending classes gives you an opportunity not only to refresh your learning, but to get to know the current students and engage with them. We will involve you in assisting and supporting on the training experience when circumstances allow, given your interest and aptitude.   

Your investment - cost and payment options

Installment option: £25.00 per month. Minimum membership of four months, after which you can cancel anytime with a minimum of one month’s notice

Or pay up from for 12 months £275.00 (includes 1 month free).

Ready to commit? Please email to confirm, thank you

You can pay via Pay Pal – please use link below and adjust the amount to show £275.00 plus 3% towards Pay Pal fees, which makes a total of £283.25


Pay now


Or you can pay by bank transfer, please let us know that is your preferred option and we will email you our bank details.

By making payment, you are confirming that you agree to our Clean Genie agreement.


What previous Clean Genies have said about their experience

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all the fantastic opportunities this year. At the beginning of the year, I said I was going to create space for things to emerge, and it’s been my most successful year in business. Through offering support on your course, two other opportunities came my way. I have thoroughly enjoyed supporting as a Clean Genie.  I can’t wait to see how the Clean Mentor role progresses.”  (Beth H)

 “I am so thankful for my experience of the Genie program this year. Going through the material again has acted as a profound incubator for me and my musings about the mechanics of healing. After months of diving deep into self-facilitation using DG’s ∑K processes, I gave self-facilitation with CL a fresh go at the beginning of Module 4. I hadn’t been particularly effective with that in either the first year or during Module 2 of this year. But after putting in all the self-work in Module 3, I suddenly found my CL self-facilitation going as deep (or sometimes even deeper ) than partner work.  That was a revelation and tremendously fulfilling.” Linda H, LMT

“It was really fun to sit in all classes… really valued the connection with current Clean Coaching students”  (Linda H)

 “Really good to be present for that class, I heard with NEW EARS” (Valerie G)

 “I’m getting a lot from revisiting the materials – with a structure for accountability”  (Katie B)

 “Staying connected to and in touch with Clean and Clean people….” (Louise S) 

 “Amazed at how much I learnt second time around – so rich” (Chandima D)