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Full course details and dates for 2021 are avaialble now!


Clean Coaching with Emergent Knowledge: Audio Visual Learning

This audio-visual recording is of the online taster class:
“Clean Coaching: Getting from A to B with EK (Emergent Knowledge)”.

Just click on the play button in the centre of the screen on the right hand side of this page.

The class is hosted by Angela Dunbar, and covers:

  • A brief explanation of Clean Language and the development of other Clean processes by the late, great David Grove.
  • The theory of ’emergence’ and how it applies to thinking, consciousness and changing one’s mind
  • Getting from A to B (where you are now to where you want to be) in a non linear fashion – why the most obvious ‘route’ may be the least effective
  • A live demo of two EK processes – the ‘Clean Start’ and ‘Clean Networks’ (This starts 39 minutes into the recording, you can jump straight to here if you prefer)
  • A question and answer session

For those that prefer, you can download the entire recording (audio only) as an MP3 to listen to through any mobile device as well as your own computer. Click here to download.

The full course “Gaining Insight through Movement” includes four classes of an hour and half duration (all recorded and sent to you afterwards) comprehensive course notes, supervised recorded practice sessions with personalised feedback for you, plus extra audio recordings and transcripts to support your learning. The entire module costs just £198.00 Click here for more information and dates, or complete the form at the top left hand side of this webpage to contact us direct.

A PDF document containing an annotated transcript of the entire class including the demo session is available for a charge of £5.00. Email or use the contact form below..