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“Clean Coaching: The Insider Guide to Making Change Happen” by Angela Dunbar

Published by Routledge and availble for 4th Oct 2016, this book offers a really in-depth look at using Clean within a coaching context, for just £24.99.

The book has already received some very positive reviews, with some well known people in the coaching and/or clean world offering their endorsement.

You can read what people are saying as well as take a closer look at the book and the topics covered, through Routledge’s website:

Or you can find it on Amazon:

And click here for more about the ebook "Creativity in Coaching"

Clean Coaching - The Insider Guide

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Carol Wilson

Co-founder of Clean Coaching
Fellow of ILM, Association for Coaching and Professional Speaking Association

STOP PRESS Carol has recently published a book 'The Work and Life of David Grove' - Click here for more information.

To purchase this book from Amazon, click here

Angela Dunbar
Communication Skills Coach & Trainer,
Master NLP Practitioner, Marketing Consultant

Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling   
Therapy, retreats, articles and training with Penny Tompkins and
James Lawley:
Association for Coaching
Non-profit making coaching body 

Resource magazine
Summer 2005 issue
contains Emergent Knowledge article by David Grove and Carol Wilson:

The Powers of Six
EK and the Power of Six. Information, articles, therapy, trainings.
Philip Harland and Matthew Hudson.
Forthcoming events in the world of Clean