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Clean Metaphorum - 9th Sept 2016

Bring more Creativity into your Coaching - with Clean techniques

What is this session about?

Watch intro video here:
We'll explore what creativity is and how it works, in general and what it's like for you.
We'll do a live demo that opens up creative paths. We'll share ways that Clean Language, Clean Space and Emergent Knowledge can all work as catalysts to encourage new ways of thinking.

Throughout the session we'll use Clean / Cleanish questions and techniques so you can experience clean and embrace your own creativity in the moment.

Session Outline:

  • Group exercise: "For you, creativity is like what?"

      • 10 different lenses through which to look at creativity

          • How traditional coaching can stifle creativity

              • Exercise "How can you create the conditions for creativity to flourish?"

                  • Using space, movement, drawings, objects, photographs and music/sounds

                      • What needs to happen to bring more creativity for you?
                        • For Participants:

                          Before, during and after the session, you can join in with an online discussion about Creativity:

                          • What do you know about creativity?

                              • With creativity, what would you like to have happen?
                                • Visit the online meeting space through here