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Clean Coaching - The Insider Guide

Clean Coaching Book - Launch

Introducing the new book written by Angela Dunbar and published by Routledge in October 2016:

Clean Coaching - The Insider Guide to Making Change Happen

Published by Routledge and available from 4th Oct 2016, this book offers a really in-depth look at using Clean within a coaching context, for just £24.99.

The book has already received some very positive reviews, with some well known people in the coaching and/or clean world offering their endorsement.

You can read what people are saying as well as take a closer look at the book and the topics covered, through Routledge’s website:

Or you can find it on Amazon:

And click here for more about the ebook "Creativity in Coaching"


You can watch a video of a 45 minute 'Zoom' Webinar with Angela and colleagues sharing stories about Clean and Angela offering her thanks to some key people who have supported her along her journey to the creation of this book.

Click here:

The launch followed an experimental workshop on Clean Coaching for Health, Healing and Creativity - which took place at Angela's home during the day.

Clean Coaching book launch article