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Audio Recordings

"Clean Coaching with EK: Getting from A to B"

Click on the first track then the 'Play' button on the right-hand side to listen to Angela Dunbar, our distance learning course facilitator.

Here she will explain some of the basics of Clean Coaching, and then give a powerful demonstration of Clean Coaching in action.

With special thanks to Deirdre Dee, (
who is the client in this recording, which took place in April '08.

Length of recording: 1hour and 15 minutes

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"David Grove tutorial 1: The Spaces of Clean Coaching"

Click firstly on the second track and then the 'Play' button to hear the master himself describe the various spaces involved in Clean Coaching, and how this process is fundamentally different from other forms of coaching.

This recording was made in July '05, during the first Clean Coaching workshop which David facilitated with Carol Wilson.

Length of recording: 16 minutes